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Dallas Cowboys FINALLY Fire Wade Phillips

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips after the team was crushed/destroyed/humiliated (pick one) by the Green Bay Packers last night. The real shocker isn’t that Phillips is gone, but that it took this long for Jones to give him the pink slip.

Let’s be serious here. No one ever thought that Phillips had what it took to win championships. Dude’s not a winner. Never was, never will. Look at his picture below. Does that look like a man that exudes confidence and wants to win at any cost?

Hell no! Despite having one of the best teams on paper in the last five years, the Phillips era only produced one playoff victory (last year against the Philadelphia Eagles). Even then, the Cowboys went on to get killed by the Minnesota Vikings. That means that Phillips was outcoached by Brad Childress. That’s the same guy who traded a third round pick for Randy Moss only to dump him a couple of games later!To paraphrase legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight, he couldn’t lead a whore to bed.

This is the way the Wade Phillips era ends. Not with a bang but with a befuddled whimper. And for the Cowboys fans out there, take comfort in knowing that it will get better. Can’t do worse that poor Wade. Also, at least there’s one entertaining thing happening at Cowboys Stadium this season:

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