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Walter Mercado Says Donald Trump Will Not Be President

Walter Mercado, the legendary astrologer and sequined cape wearer, read the astrological signs of Donald Trump with regards to his being elected president. It does not look good. According to Mercado, an over abundance of fire elements in Trump’s readings will be his downfall. At least according to Walter, he doesn’t stand a chance. No, not according to Walter, according to the stars. Walter says,

“Señor Donald Trump’s political future looks slim…Becoming president of the most important nation in the world will diminish once the nation discovers his egocentrism, xenophobia… and his lack of knowledge,”

I’m sure Trump would say that 1) Astrology is BS and 2) That as a Latino, Walter is showing his bias. But can the zodiac lie, Mr. Trump? Well, yes it’s probably all nonsense, but still. All I know is that if Latinos weren’t going to vote for him before they are really not going to vote for him now. Walter’s words carry a lot of power in the Latino community. He isn’t receiving mucho mucho mucho amor from Walter, that’s for sure.

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