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Walter Mercado Is The Psychic We All Need Right Now

We are going to go ahead and say that astrology is a bunch of B.S. How on Earth does the date of our birth determine our destiny? Plus, according to some science dudes you may not even be the sign you think you are. It has something to do with a shift in the Earth’s axis. Still, astrology is very popular, especially among Latinos. When we were growing up, the place to get your horoscope was on Univision. The person who told us our destiny was flashier than any star and wore a cape like no one on Earth. We are talking about Walter Mercado, the greatest of all Latino psychics

To call Walter flamboyant is an understatement. Millions of sequins gave their lives to create his wardrobe. Capes, cravats, giant rings, and butterfly collars were all part of his daily uniform. He was bling incarnate. Walter looks like the love child of the Beast from TV show version of Beauty and the Beast and an elderly Jewish woman. Still, you’ve got to admit that he’s got that certain something that makes him fun to watch.

He started his career in the late 60’s as a dancer and actor in his native Puerto Rico. Walter’s dance partner and “girlfriend” Velda Gonzalez died in a plane crash in 1968, which led him to seek spiritual guidance. He supposedly travelled to India, where he learned astrology and mysticism from yogis (the Indian mystics not the picnic basket stealing bear). When he returned to P.R. he began his career as everyone’s favorite TV astrologer. Walter appeared on a variety of TV shows over the years, most notably on Univision‘s Primer Impacto. Walter would often wave flowers or incense sticks around while he gave his horoscopes. He always signed off by saying, “Les deseo mucha paz, pero mucho mucho mucho (blows air kiss) amor!”

Walter has repeatedly said he isn’t gay. Not only did he have a relationship with Velda Gonzalez but he is currently married. To a woman. Then again, fellow shiny cape enthusiast Liberace also claimed to be straight. We’re not saying we don’t believe you Walter…but…

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