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Weed-Legalizing President Jose Mujica Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Uruguayan president Jose Mujica has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts to stem the drug trade. Last year Mujica led an effort to legalize marijuana in Uruguay. The idea is that if weed is legal and regulated it will cut the legs off from the drug cartels. Mujica’s thinking is controversial. Many drug enforcement agencies across the globe think that legalizing drugs will only lead to further drug abuse. The general policy has been one of drug suppression, which hasn’t really worked all that well. Mujica explains,

“We are only proposing the right to try another path because the path of repression doesn’t work. We don’t know if we’ll succeed. We ask for support, scientific spirit and to understand that no addiction is a good thing. But our efforts go beyond marijuana — we’re taking aim at the drug traffic.”

We here at Tu Vez aren’t taking a position on this issue either way, but it is an interesting experiment. But the question is: does that merit the Nobel Peace Prize? Especially since it’s too early to see what real world results his policies will have on the drug trade. Usually the prize is given to people who’ve worked diligently for peace and human rights. I’m not saying he hasn’t done that, I’m just saying that there is no way of knowing yet if it has. Much of Latin America is a war zone with the drug cartels becoming ever more powerful and governments less and less able to deal with them. I’ll give Mujica that at least he’s trying a bold move to try and stem the tide of the drug war. Only time will tell if he succeeds.

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