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We’re Just Glad The Los Angeles Arsonist Isn’t Latino

Los Angeles is en fuego! As you might have heard, someone channeled their inner pyromaniac this New Year’s Day weekend and started over fifty-five fires across the city. That someone might now be under police custody.

Why are we writing about this? Other than the fact that Break Media, our overlords, is based out of Los Angeles and a good portion of our friends reside there, the single biggest reason for our interest is this:

“The man appears to have been battling the U.S. government over the immigration status of a relative, but the officials said they don’t know if this played any role in the case. The Los Angeles Police Department is in communication with federal immigration officials concerning the dispute, the law enforcement sources said.”

Someone who’s disgruntled at immigration officials? Aw crap. The guy has to be Latino.

At least that’s what we thought yesterday when we read that. Luckily, the suspect in question was born in Germany. Don’t misunderstand us. The whole situation is awful and scary, but now that the damage has been done, we’re just glad it wasn’t one of our own. The last thing we need is for the Los Angeles Police Department to start racially profiling against Hispanics. Because obviously that doesn’t happen.

And for those of you who are thinking of being a copycat arsonist: put the lighter fluid down and walk away. We’re already accused of being drug dealers, murderers, and gang members. There’s absolutely no need to add “arsonists” to that list. Leave that– and serial killing– the white people.

[Los Angeles Times]

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