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What’s It Like To BASE Jump Of The World Trade Center?

Four men were arrested today in New York for allegedly BASE jumping off the World Trade Center. I say allegedly but they A) Admitted that they did it and B) There is video of them doing it. Andrew Rossig, James Brady, and Marco Markovich are BASE jumpers, (BASE stands for building, antennae, span, earth), which means that they like to fling themselves off of tall things. So, what could be more jump offable than the tallest building in the United States that is also, (supposedly), well guarded? The security in what is arguably the biggest terrorist target in the world isn’t exactly stellar. A kid from Jersey snuck in to the structure and hung out on the roof for two hours just last week. That’s also what these dudes did. They crawled through he fence and, along with a spotter named Kyle Hartwell, climbed to the top of 1 WTC and jumped off.

This video is bananas. Don’t try this at home…or really anywhere.

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