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Who are the Highest paid Latinos making millions!

Highest paid Latinos

Actors are at the top of the chain when it comes to entertainment business. They can serve as role models and inspire people all over the world. The amount of people that actually make it in the business compared to those with dreams of being on the big screen is a very small percentage. Here’s look at the highest paid Latinos in Hollywood:


Sofia Vergara

Sofia VergaraColombian actress Sofia Vergara is among the highest paid Latinos in Hollywood.

Thanks to her Emmy award winning show “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television. Along with a clothing line and tons of endorsement deals, (very known for her Pepsi commercials) the Colombiana made $19 million in a single year, pushing her to the top of the list and making Latinos proud!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron DíazCameron Díaz

This Cuban-American is a frequent face on tabloids and the big screen. Making Forbes’ list of highest paid actors in 2012, Diaz made an astonishing $34 million within that year. From her breakthrough role in “The Mask” starring alongside Jim Carrey, Diaz has appeared in numerous films such as “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Bad Teacher,” and even the voice of Fiona on the famous animated film “Shrek.”

Zoe Saldana

zoe saldanaZoe Saldana

Not only does Zoe Saldana represent a strong Latina, but she is gaining an incredible reputation in the acting world. Recently coming out in “Star Trek Into the Darkness,” Saldana is estimated to have made $10.5 million within the last year. Starring in films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” “Avatar,” and both “Star Trek’s,” we can see why the Dominican has been doing so well!

Highest paid Latinos in music

Actors aren’t the only ones making the big bucks. Musicians and artists are another group of celebs working their butts off to make millions. They tour the world and some even get involved in other parts of the industry making them a double and even triple threat. Here’s a look at the highest paid Latinos in music:

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has become a household name since her breakthrough role in “Selena” as Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Not only is she a successful entertainer, she is also a very savvy business woman who has launched several clothing lines and fragrances and has big endorsement deals with Verizon and L’Oreal. This Latina is a triple threat! She’s starred in box office hits such as “The Backup Plan,” “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” and lent her voice on the animated film franchise “Ice Age.” According to Forbes, the Puerto Rican entertainer made $52 million in a single year from her many projects in all parts of the industry. She also just released a new hit featuring Pitbull called “Live it Up.”



This Colombian powerhouse has not only sold millions of albums over the years, but is a judge on the fourth season hit TV show “The Voice.” The 36-year-old crossover success has collaborated with an impressive number of artists such as Beyonce, Pitbull and even Pharell Williams. Throughout her career she is said to have made over $200 million. With “The Voice” alone she reportedly made $12 million. She recently told US Weekly that she is working on some new music for an upcoming album. Could her son Milan be serving as a source of inspiration?



“Mr. Worldwide” couldn’t be prouder of his Cuban roots, rapping about it almost any chance he gets. The Miami native has collaborated with just about anyone you can think of and his music is frequently played on the radio. Pitbull also landed endorsement deals with Kodak, Dr. Pepper and most recently Bud Light. Forbes named him as one of Hip-Hop’s top 20 earners. He is estimated to have made $9.5 million in a year. Pitbull also recently starred in the animated film “Epic” playing the role of “Bufo.” Seems that the 32-year-old rapper has been hard at work, making his Latino community very proud.

Highest paid Hispanic athletes

Athletes are making millions not only from their sport, but through endorsement deals. Here’s a list of the highest paid Hispanics in sports:

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi - Barcelona - AC MilanFC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi

Being named ‘The Next Maradona,’ Messi is considered a god in the soccer world. The Argentine legend has made bank throughout his soccer career and he is only 25 years old. Off of endorsements alone, he has made a solid $19 million within the last year. Add another $20 million because of his position as a forward for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team, to which he is also the captain. As far as Latino athletes go, he is in the lead making an impressive $39 million.

Rafael Nadal

Tennis player Rafael NadalRafael Nadal

Spaniard Rafael Nadal has always been a hot commodity, since the first time he stepped on the court. Not only is he a killer tennis player but his looks don’t hurt. He even starred in a Shakira music video stirring up rumors that there was a romance between the two. On tennis alone, Nadal made a $8.2 million in a year. If you add the whopping $25 million in endorsements, that brings him to a total of $33.2 million.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez to have hip surgeryAlex Rodriguez

Professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez was a top-notch athlete at his prime. Tabloids covered his relationship status to no end, that is until his link to PEDs became all the talk. He dated Cameron Diaz for a while and the couple was commonly in the spotlight. He was also linked to actress Kate Hudson and Madonna. Within the last year Rodriguez made around $31 million playing for the New York Yankees, along with $2 million he made out of endorsements. That brings his income up to a whopping $33 million!


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