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Why Are Undocumented Latinos Returning To Alabama?

“Chee came from Alabamas wit de guitarron on her knees.” That’s what people, (probably didn’t), say when thousands of undocumented Latinos left ‘Bama. This was after ol’ Dixie passed their hella racist anti-immigration law that made it nearly impossible for them to stay in the state. Cops had the right to check anyone’s papers at any time, employers were made to strictly enforce a hiring freeze on illegal immigrants, and the schools also could bar any student that did not have a green card or citizenship. But now, after big chunks of the law were suspended pending appeals, these Latino immigrants are trickling back into the state. The question is: Why would you go back to a place that treated you like that?

The answer is simple: because Alabama is their home. Some of these folks lived in the state for years. Many of the children who left with their parents were either born there or had spent the majority of their lives in ‘Bama. When somewhere stops being a place where you live and becomes a “home”, then it becomes really hard to leave. Home, as a concept and a reality, is one thing that is definitely worth fighting for. Many of the African-American civil rights groups that fought to desegregate Alabama in the 60’s have joined Latinos in protesting this unjust law. They could have left back in the day too, but instead they stayed and fought for their right to live in there. Hopefully, in 40 years we’ll think of laws like this one discriminating against Latinos the way we now judge the Jim Crow laws of the 1950’s.

Via Fox News Latino.

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