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Why Does George Lopez Keep Getting TV Shows?

Much like a case of the herp, George Lopez just won’t go away. Our “favorite” comedian has just signed a deal to produce and star in a new Latino family sitcom. The project doesn’t have a network to call home yet, though the production company Debmar-Mercury is confident they’ll find one. Lopez had a similar sitcom on ABC, “The George Lopez Show”, which was mercifully euthanized in 2007. He also had his TBS talk show, “Lopez Tonight”, cancelled last year. So, that’s two networks he’s struck out with. Maybe CBS can wedge him in somewhere between blocks of CSI?

You might ask yourself, “But if this guy’s stuff is so bad and he keeps being cancelled, why does Hollywood keep giving him chances?” That’s a good question. A Faustian deal with Satan is the most logical explanation. The second best is that he is a safe and known Latino commodity. Network execs are idiots but they aren’t stupid. They know that Latinos are the fastest growing TV demographic and that they need to appeal to them. So, rather than going out and finding fresh new talent, they stick with what’s familiar and bland. They want to appear like they are doing something cutting edge by having a Latino sitcom while in reality taking no chances on anything new or interesting. Lopez is the safe Latino, brown enough to look progressive but lame enough not to scare the soccer moms.

[Fox News Latino]

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