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What Will You Be For Halloween? El Chapo Or Trump?

Halloween is coming up and even though you are an adult, it’s time to start thinking about who you are going to be. There are people, (I am not one of them), who like to come up with topical costumes. To be current, I guess. Every time I go by a costume store here in New York there is one topical costume that is EVERYWHERE and that is Donald Trump. Perhaps it’s because he lives here or maybe it’s because he is the media’s favorite flavor of the month. All I know is that come October 31 there will be more than one Donald Trump roaming the streets of New York City. If that isn’t a truly frightening prospect then I don’t know what is. I imagine many Latinos will dress like Trump as well. After all, the point is to dress like something scary or evil, right? What could be more terrifying to the Latino community than a Trump presidency.

But south of the border another topical figure is taking the Halloween crown. That is Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. For whatever reason people want to dress up like a vicious narco for a kid’s holiday. El Chapo masks and prison uniforms are being sold all over Mexico, with one mask factory in Morelos doing brisk business. Ever since his daring escape from prison, Chapo has become something of a folklore figure and there are tons of El Chapo merchandise floating around. I am going to Mexico next month and I’m going to be really tempted to buy an El Chapo t-shirt. Just to wear around the house and scare the cats.

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