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Will Julian Castro Be The First Latino VP?

Julian Castro, the secretary of housing and urban development, has been endorsed for vice president by the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This surprise endorsement is both unexpected and not surprising. Castro has been campaigning heavily for presidential nominee Hilary Clinton in swing states like New Hampshire ahead of the Iowa primaries. He has been seen for the last few years as a rising star in the Democratic party. He was a popular mayor in San Antonio and then he gave the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. His name has been mentioned from the beginning as a possible running mate for Hilary Clinton. It is a distinct possibility that a Latino will hold one of the two highest offices in the country come next year.

IF secretary Clinton brings Castro on the ticket it would be a very smart move. Not only would she appeal to many in the party that like him it would also appeal to Latino voters. Of course, she would have to win. But on the other hand, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have a good chance of becoming the Republican nominee or a possible VP to Trump so even if the election goes to the Republicans it might be an eventuality that a Latino will be on the winning ticket. That is unless the unthinkable happens and the country elects Trump/Palin 2016. God help us all.


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