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We Will Be Remembered For How We React To The Crisis At The Border

I remember when I was in jr. high school and we first learned in greater detail about what happened in Germany during World War II to the Jews. I recall that many of my classmates said that they wouldn’t have stood by while Hitler came to power or they would have tried to stop it when their Jewish neighbors started to be taken away to camps. It is easy, with the benefit of history, to say that we would have risen to such and such an occasion given the moral choice. These matters are not things of the past and one of our biggest moral questions is happening as we speak at the U.S./Mexico border. Thousands of children are being literally ripped from their parent’s arms and are being kept in cages and holding pens in large warehouses along the border. The conditions with which both the parents and the children are being housed are terrible.

Do not believe what the White House is saying as it is trying to pass the buck, the policy to take children away from their parents was instituted by neither congress nor former president Obama. It comes straight from the White House as a deterrent and psychological tactic to prevent Latino immigration. Remember, most of the people coming to the border from Central America are not crossing the border undocumented but rather have shown up to the border to ask for asylum, which is not a crime. Even if they do cross undocumented it is not a felony but rather a misdemeanor and not worthy a crime to have your children taken away.

Giving shelter to people fleeing persecution is an ideal that goes back to the very beggining of our country. Fifty years ago my mother presented herself at the border and asked for political asylum and it was granted. That was true of millions of people who just wanted to come to America in search of a better life. But what is happening now with the administration’s Zero Tolerance policy is beyond cruel. I do not understand how these Republicans that are still supporting the president on this dare to call themselves Christians without fearing they’ll be hit by lightning. The word for what is going is evil, and that’s not hyperbole. Neither is comparing what is happening now to the Nazis. The camps didn’t start off as extermination camps but rather “relocation” or “refugee” camps. And let’s not forget when the Japanese-Americans were kept in camps during World War II. Only, what’s happening now may be worse as in most cases the FDR administration tried to keep families together.

What are you going to do? If the answer is nothing then you are complicit.

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