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Will Smith Honorary Latino

Will Smith is the most successful rapper-turned-actor and now we crown him an honorary Latino and here are a few reasons why.

He has truly immersed himself in our culture with respect. He recently collaborated with Columbian artist Bomba Estéreo. He can sing in Spanish. He thinks he was a Latino in is past life. He is good friends with Marc Anthony. He made Eva Mendes Latina model into a future star in the movie Hitch. Did we mention he speaks Spanish?

He loves our culture, food and traditions.  “I spent a lot of time in South America and I just love the fire!” he says. “When I was down in Brazil, I just got hype and started rappin’ for the crowd, you know, it’s like the energy is crazy, and I just love that fire, I love that flavor.”

Will Smith not only loves our culture and wants to be immersed in it but most important respects it.
These are just a few reason why Will Smith is an honorary Latino.

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