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Goalie Scores Game-Winning Goal

Columbus Crew goalkeeper William Hesmer scored a game-winning goal during stoppage time in their match against Toronto FC. If you’re wondering how often goalies score in a game, the answer is rarely. In fact, Hesmer’s becomes only the second keeper to score a goal in MLS history.While the goal itself is not that great, watching Hesmer’s reaction is fantastic. When the ball lands in front of him, you  can actually see his thought process. We imagine it went something like this:

“Oh crap! What do I do with this thing? Can I use my hands? No, wait, I need to kick it through. Holy smokes, did I just score? What the hell, I just won us the game! I’m a freakin’ hero! I’ll be the most beloved man in this city!”

Here’s to you, William Hesmer. You are now the most popular man in the city of Columbus, Ohio, ahead of the guy who sells “C-Bus” t-shirts at the airport.

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