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Work Out Some Feelings With The “Trumpealo” Game

Donald Trump, the current leader in for the Republican nomination for president, is no fan of Latinos. It’s OK because we are not fans of him either. He has angered Latinos with his racist and xenophobic rhetoric. He’s preying on racism and nationalism to boost his poll numbers. The sad part is that it is working. There is a lot of anger in the Latino community towards Trump but no real way to express it…until now. Mexican mobile app developers Karaokulta are coming out with a game in which the whole point is to mistreat Trump. Trumpealo is anger therapy right on your phone or tablet. The object of the game is to beat up on Trump and throw stuff at him while he is making a speech. Shut him up with a cactus to the face. It looks amazingly satisfying.

If it show up on Trump’s radar, I’m sure he’ll threaten to sue saying that the game encourages people to injure him. Maybe so, and yet for some reason, I don’t care. When you spew such vile hatred you have to expect people to react. I’m not saying I condone any violence against Trump, because I don’t. What I can say with certainty is that hate begets hate. So, Trumpealo away! It will be available for both iOS and Android.

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