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World Cup Protests Hits Brazil Hard

As the World Cup approaches, the approval rate for the World Cup in Brazil has dropped. In 2008 a pool by the Datafolha Agancy showed 79% support for the World Cup in Brazil, but by this year it has fallen to 48%. Since then large protests have been going on in Brazil against the World Cup.

Some of the reasons why most Brazilians are against the world cup is poor organization delayed in the naming of the host cities, but the main reason is that public money is being used to build and or upgrade facilities. The Stadium alone has cost three times more then originally thought and with the empty promises of all the money spend on the stadium would come from private sources, Brazilians took to the streets in huge numbers and protesting the public spending on a football tournament.

In one of many protests, about 1,500 protesters including teachers and fast-food workers clashed with Police in Sao Paulo protesting against all the public spending on a stadium, where they could use that money on fixing schools, raise salaries, improving healthcare and use the publics money in more resourceful ways to improve the future of Brazil and lower the poverty rate.

It is a shame that Latin America is filled with corruption, greed and where the middle and lower class is oppressed by its own government.

It seems that the Brazilian government only cares to invest it’s future in a new stadium and facilities so it can paint a perfect picture to the world. What will happen when the World Cup is done, will the billion dollar stadium be left abandoned to fall apart with time like the Olympic stadium in Beijing? Hopefully with these protests the world will see the truth. Now the question is, should we support the World Cup or boycott it?

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