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Cool iPhone App: World Lens

Well isn’t that something?! Allow us to introduce Word Lens, a kickass new app that uses the iPhone’s camera to translate text from Spanish to English (or vice versa). Finally, an iPhone app that helpfully informs you that the funky plate you just ordered at that Venezuelan restaurant does, in fact, list bull testicles as one of the key ingredients.

We have to hand it to Quest Visual, the company behind the app. Their product’s demo video (below) definitely caught our attention:

Although the translations aren’t exactly perfect, they’re decent enough that it makes us want to get this app for our mom. She doesn’t speak English and, as a result, is always asking us to translate stuff for her. Then again, that would mean we would have to get her an iPhone for Christmas, and then teach her how to use it. Bah, too complicated. We’ll stick with doing the translation ourselves. Still, nifty app worth downloading.

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