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Worst Christmas Gifts Ever?

Bad Christmas gifts are a thing of beauty. It’s as if someone you have known for years – probably your parents or a significant other – looked deeply in your soul to figure out what would be the perfect Christmas gift for you. Then they bought you the complete opposite of that gift. And you have to plaster on a fake smile and say “thank you” to the person responsible for the awful gift. So what if you asked for a Tickle Me Elmo, and you got the less popular version of the toy? You really cannot be a jerk about it, because the season is about giving – not receiving. Right?

Of course, if you are going to the stores today, you will be among the hordes of other unhappy people that are returning their bad gifts for money, store credit, or just outright exchanging their terrible Christmas gift for what they really wanted. And if you among these people, just be glad that whoever gave you the gift also had the foresight to give you the gift receipt so you could rid yourself of the offending present. (Has there been a better invention than the gift receipt? That’s like the morning after pill for regrettable presents.) Sometimes there are gifts so bad that you can’t take them back, no matter how much you hate the offending item. What do you do then? Well, if you’re like these people, you just end up keeping the bad gift, but you walk away with a good story to tell anyone with a microphone and a camera. And isn’t that the real spirit of Christmas?

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