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“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Brings Us Latino Mutant Sunspot

The X-Men have recruited a Latino for their exclusive team of super powered mutants. Mexican actor Adan Canto plays Brazilian mutant Roberto de Costa AKA. Sunspot in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past. His mutant power is the ability to absorb and focus solar energy. Basically he’s a solar panel that can kick your ass. There have been mutants of color in the X-Men film series, (Storm, etc.), but never a Latino. I guess in the X-Men world, mutations only occur to white dudes like Hugh Jackman. But Adan totally rules in the movie as the fiery superhero. But Adan didn’t just act onscreen when things were safe, oh no. Adan did his own stunts which I can tell you were redonkulous. He says,

“No, I wanted to do them. I had stunt doubles and I would stand looking at them and no, I didn’t want [to use them]. I went up to them and ask them to please let me do them and they put the suit on, a skin-tight red latex suit with black dots for the special effects, and they let me do my own action scenes.”

I know that the X-Men movies are based on the comics but surely among the 50 million or so mutants in the X-Men world there must be room for a few more Latinos. How about Taco Man who can shoot tacos like Gambit throws cards? How about a Cuban dude that can cause earthquakes by banging on his panza? I would gladly audition.

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