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Yalitza Aparicio On Vogue Mexico Cover Hailed by Indigenous Women

The former teacher turned movie star has become the it girl of Mexico and Hollywood. You may be asking who is Yalitza Aparicio, she is an actress who has won acclaim for her debut performance in Alfonso Cuarón’s new film Roma. Now she has made history by appearing on the cover of Vogue Mexico and becoming the first indigenous woman to be featured on the cover.

Her appearance on the cover of the magazine’s Mexico and Latin America editor was hailed by indigenous women. “I saw it and wow! It was very powerful. Just like she did, others will say: ‘We can do it,’” said Esther Poot, 24, an indigenous Maya activist and preschool teacher in south-eastern Quintana Roo state.

Modern-day indigenous Mexicans comprise 15% of the population but are often marginalized from public life and politics, and many live in poverty. Mexican’s have slowly kicked down the door to Hollywood and now it’sYalitza Aparicio turn!

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