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You’re Not Fooling Us, Newt Gingrich

by Fidel Martinez

I don’t often delve into politics on Tu Vez largely because I have absolutely no interest in proselytizing and generally respect other people’s right to have a differing opinion (as wrong as they might be). This post is an exception largely because Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is betting it all on brown and going after the Latino vote. It’s a shame no one’s buying it.

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich’s sent a bilingual letter to Latinos in Iowa asking for their support. As Jose Marti of Latino Rebels pointed out, the Spanish text was awful, almost as if it lifted straight out of Google Translate. Just plain awful.

It might seem ticky tacky to call someone out like that, but it’s not. For starters, it demonstrates how little effort they actually put into this endeavor. Secondly, Gingrich and his camp also show a complete lack of understanding of Latinos in this country. Not everyone named Sanchez grows up speaking Spanish, let alone read it (just ask Mark). You’re no different than Hulu Latino. Slapping on some Spanish and calling it a day won’t cut it. We don’t appreciate the (lack of) effort because it’s telling us that you’re pandering rather than acknowledging our political worth.

That looks like the "White Power" hand sign to me.

And it’s not the broken Spanish either. It’s also your National Hispanic Inclusion Director Sylvia Garcia who thinks as Latinos as being a monolithic and homogenous group. In a recent NBC Latino profile, Garcia– a Miami native whose parents are Ecuadorian– claims that Gingrich should be the Latino community’s politician because he’s Catholic:

“I do understand about bread and butter issues, but as a Latina, family and religion is what you live by.”

Speak for yourself, Garcia. My own brother is very religious and I rarely talk to him. Obviously those two things aren’t as important to me as they are to you. I guess that must mean Gingrich is more Latino than I am.

So no, Newt. You can take your Google Translate, your vendida director, and your bush league attempts and shove it.

Fidel Martinez is Managing Editor of Tu Vez.

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