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Yumbling Is Mexico’s Newest Social Media Check-In App

Mexico, a country whose reputation has been damaged by drug wars and Montezuma’s revenge, has stated that social media could be what saves its tourism trade. Enter Yumbling – a social media check-in app whose goal is to provide users in Mexico with nightlife and entertainment recommendations. Think Yelp meets Foursquare.

In theory, Yumbling will understand what entertainment you might enjoy by comparing you to other similar users in your area. Of course, in theory, my mother should know what I enjoy (Vodka), but around Christmas time that never seems to be the case. Who doesn’t love a good kitten sweater to add your collection?

What Yumbling will ultimately become is up to the types of users it actually attracts. Currently the Yumbling app is only available to smartphone users, which comprise the minority of cell users in the county. So, a very small group of people checking into Boy’s Town could make it appear to be the cultural mecca of Mexico. American tourists who are familiar with Boystown, Chicago could find themselves sorely disappointed in that mix up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But that’s the risk with social media: anyone who can string together half a sentence can crop-dust the Internet with their brain-farts, thus devaluing the social media.

Anthony Weiner found that out the hard way, and so has anyone else who has had a social media meltdown. Who hasn’t gone into a job interview only to be asked if those public Facebook pictures of you chugging a keg stand every weekend for the last year will affect your work performance? Sure you can blame it on depression and a broken heart, but no one cares how many words per minute you can type when you have “ye olde cock and balls” sharpied on your passed out forehead for all the world to see.

In Mexico, a country where kidnapping is big business, there is a valid concern as it relates to privacy and social media. Like Foursquare, Yumblers can choose to have their locations synced with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, for privacy sake, they can choose to delay reporting their location until after having left the area. Still, if anyone is keeping tabs on you, these social fingerprints are useful information. I suppose you’ll just have to ask yourself if eating the loaded potato skins at Señor Frog’s is worth possibly being held for ransom by a drug cartel.

Currently the app is only fully available in Mexico City, but the company plans to make moves through all of Mexico and eventually to other parts of South America. If there ever was a fountain of youth in South America, social media might just be it, and Yumbler will lead you to it.

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