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2018 Oscars: The Shape of Water Wins Best Picture

Wow, what a night for Guillermo del Toro. With the last award of the night, The Shape of Water wins Best Picture award at the 90th annual Academy Awards. The Shape of Water wins a total of 4 Oscars including Original Score, Production Design, Best Director and now Best Picture.

“I am an immigrant … The greatest thing our industry does is to erase the lines in the sand,” Del Toro, 53, said in his acceptance speech. “When the world tells us to make them deeper.”

What an amazing last couple of years for the three amigos, Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñárritu and Guillermo del Toro. The three Mexican directors have taken over Hollywood and have shown the world that there is talent south of the border. ¡Felicidades Guillermo del Toro!

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