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7 Mexican Things That Aren’t Really Mexican

Mexico has many wonderful things that make me proud of my culture but what If I told you that some of the most cherished Mexican things are not Mexican at all.

To start off the list we take a look at Piñatas.

Yes that Mexican tradition of beating a cardboard figure decorated with paper mache filled with candy. Well that actually came from China. So how did they end up in Mexico? Marco Polo took them to Italy and from there the Spaniards took them to Mexico where they claimed them as their own.

Who does not love a good Margarita.

Despite popular belief the Margarita is not a Mexican cocktail. The first time this cocktail was mentioned was in a book called “My New Cocktail book” in 1930 by G.F. Steel. This kind of makes sense, Mexico has not really been big in the cocktail culture, especially when you have really good tequila that you drink straight.

One of my favorite drinks on a hot day is a cold Horchata.

Well this aqua fresca actually came from Egypt where they had a nut called Chufa. This nut was very popular when the Moors invaded Spain and the Horchata de Chufa was born. The Spaniards then conquered Mexico and since there was no Chufa nuts in the new world so they had to improvise and used rice and the horchata we know and love is born.

The Rosca de Reyes is a must in any Mexican household during christmas time but it was originally made in Spain and France to celebrate the Epiphany or the Three Kings Day. It is also a tradition in New Orleans to celebrate the end of the Carnival on mardi Gras.


Those delicious treats you can fill with cajeta or chocolate are not really from Mexico. The churro was brought by the Portuguese from China and somehow they made their way to the streets of Mexico.

What, how could this be after all it has El Catrín and you play with frijoles! The original Lotería comes from Italy and then it went to Spain and eventually in landed in Mexico where we added a personal touch.

Last but not least we have the holly grail of tacos, El Pastor.

The smell is so good it makes your mouth water. Watching the taco man carve the meat from the pastor trompo while making your taco mesmerizes you. Well the pastor tacos were born when the Arabs migrated to Mexico in the 60’s and introduced this vertical rotisserie style to Mexico.

If this list totally destroyed your Mexican pride there is one very popular item Mexicans did invent and that was the Michelada!

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