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An Artist Is Building A ‘Wall’ Made Of Cheese Near The U.S-Mexico Border

The Artist Cosimo Cavallaro is building a wall, but not the kind that’s going to divide people.  The Cheese Wall is Cosimo’s latest project, in which he plans to build a wall using large blocks of spoiled cheese near the U.S-Mexico border.  According to his GoFundMe page, the artist was inspired to start the Cheese Wall “because of the political environment we are living in today.”

Cosimo believes that all people are the same, regardless of what side of the border they stand on, and at some point in our lives, “we all feel like outsiders.” The description on the GoFundMe page says, “If it takes a Cheese Wall at the border to make people look at the ‘wall’ in a different way, that’s what Cosimo will create.”

Construction on the Cheese Wall began on March 25, and as it is built, the expired cheese will reach six-feet tall and three-feet wide. Each block of hard cheese costs $100, and Cosimo says the Cheese Wall was funded for 200 blocks to create a 25-foot long wall. He hopes to make it even longer with the help of donations from the GoFundMe.

And to prevent waisting perfectly good cheese, he is using only expired cheese.  Sounds like an interesting idea but what about the smell?

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