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Argentina Bans Justin Bieber

Don’t cry for Argentina, the country has decided to ban Justin Bieber from performing anywhere in their borders. Unfair? This is the same Justin Bieber that disrespected their national flag a few years ago. This is the same Justin Bieber that currently has a warrant for his arrest in the country. Argentina knows that the key to controlling the population of an invasive species is to restrict its entrance into the region. Good for them. Of course Dweeber was not too happy about the decision and took to Twitter to voice his complaints.

The purpose of Bieber’s tour might involve a little apologizing for the last few times he visited the country. Some of his legal troubles stem from that time he allegedly ordered his bodyguards to mangle a paparazzi. If convicted, he could face several years in their prison system. Then there was the aforementioned incident where he walked all over the Argentinian flag during a performance. Then there was that time he was kicked out of Hotel Faena because his fans were creating a hostile situation for hotel guests. And there was also that time Justin spray-painted a wall with the kind of art that might look better in a 1930’s Walt Disney propaganda cartoon.


It remains to be seen whether or not Justin Bieber will ever be allowed in Argentina ever again, but fans can at least take solace in the words of his hit, “never say never.”

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