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Argentina Versus Germany In The World Cup Final.

In the previous World Cups finals, we saw a battle between two stars help decide the outcome of the game. In 2002, it was Ronaldo versus Oliver Kahn. In 2006, it was Zinedine Zidane versus Marco Materazzi.

In 2010 it was Andres Iniesta versus Mark van Bommel. This time around it will be Bastian Schweinsteiger vs. Lionel Messi. Schweinsteiger is one of the best midfielders of this generation, able to dictate play when pressed heavily. He will need to have the performance of his life against Messi to help Germany win.

On the other hand, Leo Messi plays much more relaxed role for Argentina. As usual, Messi will attack directly or slide between the defenders. The big question is will the rest of Messi’s teammates help him out or just sit back and watch him play. If the whole team does not show up things can get ugly for Argentina. Germany does not relay on one person. Instead, they play as a team working together to achieve one thing, the win, and that is their strength.
Both nations have met two other times for the trophy, with each returning home with it. This time around Germany is the favorite but Argentina could pull out the upset and a win for Latin America.

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