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AT&T To Provide Roaming In Cuba

In this March 11, 2014 photo, a woman uses her cellphone as she sits on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba. The U.S. Agency for International Development masterminded the creation of a "Cuban Twitter," a communications network designed to undermine the communist government in Cuba, built with secret shell companies and financed through foreign banks, The Associated Press has learned. The project, which lasted more than two years and drew tens of thousands of subscribers, sought to evade Cubafs stranglehold on the Internet with a primitive social media platform. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

Wireless provider AT&T is going to extend cellular roaming service to Cuba. As more and more Americans visit the island there is an increased call for cellular service. I can attest to the fact having been there multiple times that cell service isn’t great. Only a few people on the island have cell phones and the service that is there is potty at best. It’s like going back in time. I pretty much only used my phone to take pictures and as a clock. It’s freeing in a way because it’s impossible to check my email, Facebook, or text. At least, that’s how it was.

You are going to see this more and more as people visit the island and American companies start making inroads into the country. The first thing that needs to be improved in Cuba in order to accommodate the influx of Americans that’s coming is to fix up their sagging telecommunications infrastructure. It’s ancient or non-existent. After all, the Kardashian’s biggest complaint about Cuba was that they didn’t have good data connections. Pobrecitas.

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