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Barcelona’s Final Bullfight

Yesterday, 20,000 people attended La Monumental arena in Barcelona to witness the city’slast ever bull fight. Earlier this year, the autonomous Catalonian government banned the sport after much pressure from animal rights activists. Although the sport won’t be officially banned in the region until January, the bullfighting season ended yesterday, and for all intents and purposes, indefinitely for the area.

This comes as yet another blow for toreada enthusiasts. Just last week it was announced that Raton, the country’s most famous bull, would go into retirement.

Bullfighter Jose Tomas

Though the movement to ban toreadas was largely spearheaded (terrible pun, we know) by animal rights activists, those who enjoy the senseless killing of drugged-up animals claim that Catalonians’ desire to be independent from Spain is the real cause. Whether right or wrong, this logic makes sense. Bullfighting is a cultural institution in the country (and in most of Latin America because of that whole, you know, colonizing thing). If you want to create an identity separate from what’s considered to be Spanish, you go after the things they hold dear.

If you’re one of those lamenting the end of this cruel practice, get over it. Just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s right.

via Reuters

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