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Bean’s Quest: The Latest Racist Game For The iPhone!

We’ve written before about the iTunes App Store’s policy of allowing racist games to be sold on their site. The latest example of this policy is Bean’s Quest by Komobius Games. Now, it is not as offensive as Smuggle Truck, but it’s still pretty bad. In the game you play Emilio, who is turned into a Mexican jumping bean(er) by an evil wizard. This sorcerer with powers over legumes also steals Emilio’s girlfriend and pet axolotls. Now, in case you don’t know what an axolotl is, (we didn’t), it is a type of Mexican salamander. In the game it looks like a cute little dinosaur but in real life looks like this:

You can tell that Emilio is a Mexican jumping bean, because he is wearing a sombrero. You know, like all Mexicans. The game is set up like an old school 16 bit side scroller. It feels like Mega Man’s racist cousin. However, the game play is really wonky. The bean is jumping the entire time, and rather than incorporating the iPhone’s gyroscopes, you use two buttons in the side to go left and right. It makes it hard to control, which is bad for a game which is made up of jumping from one platform to another. The scenery in the game looks like how Mexico might appear after you’ve been huffing model glue for about an hour. The music sounds like a Japanese programmer’s interpretation of Gypsy Kings CD. The game is also short, as it ended after 8 levels. At the end a screen appeared that announced, “You are win for now. More levels coming soon!” I am win for now? Did no one think to check the translation? Or are they speaking in a mock Mexican accent? Did we mention it costs $2.99? That’s a lot of money for a short, hard to play, racist game.

All in all the game is just crappy. We are huge fans of the classic 16 bit games, but the gameplay on this just sucks. The bigger issue is its use of stereotypical imagery and music. Why do programmers feel the need to keep going back to these Frito Bandito tropes, and why does the Apple App Store keep allowing them to be sold on their site? They won’t allow any content that shows a boob, but racism is OK? A boob never hurt anyone, but racism does.

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