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Behold The Spanish Baby Jumping Festival

We Hispanics have some pretty weird holidays, but nothing beats the Castrillo de Murcia festival of Corpus Christi. Why? Because part of the festivities include a dude jumping over a dozen babies. Not dolls, real babies. A dude plays Colacho, (this year it’s a guy named Jose Duenas), who is a bad dude who dresses in yellow motley dress and carries a whip and castanets. So, like bad guys do, he endangers the lives of infants by leaping over them like Evel Knievel over a row of buses. The origin of the festival goes back hundreds of years and is a major tourist attraction in the region. In spite of it’s economic importance to the region, the tradition has come under fire in recent years and is dying out. Maybe because it’s totally insane. Duenas says it’s important to keep the traditions alive,

“(It) reinforces your bond with the people. Modernism is breaking down the way of life that leads to traditions like El Colacho.”

I think this is one tradition that maybe should be laid to rest.

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