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Bernie Sanders Gets a Corrido “Quemazón”


Whether or not you feel the Bern, you may after you listen to el corrido que le escribio la banda La Meta. Yes Bernie Sanders gets his very own corrido. Juve Quintana, a member of the band when on to say , “I thought, what can I do so the Hispanics, the paisanos, the Mexicans vote for him? Everyone I speak to says ‘I’m going to vote for Hillary’ and I say ‘Have you heard of Bernie Sanders?” And they say ‘No, I don’t even know who that is.’”

For those that don’t know what a “Corrido” is, basically its a form of folk music usually a ballad that expresses the Mexican life in Mexico or in the U.S.. The most famous corridos are the narco corridos.

Creo que ahora si van a saber quien es Bernie Sandres. The question is when will Donald Trump get his corrido?

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