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“Bordertown” Latino Cartoon Show To Break Boundaries

Lalo Alcaraz leads the creative team of a new cartoon show that will air on Fox next year. Unlike most cartoon shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy, most of the main characters in Bordertown will be Latinos. The show will take place in a fictional town along the U.S./Mexico border. There will be an INS agent and a Mexican immigrant as the main protagonists dealing with the changes to their town. What’s also unique about the show is that not only are the main characters Latino but the staff is largely Latino as well. Along with Alcaraz, the writing staff also includes several other Latinos including “Ask a Mexican” writer Gustavo Arellano. The cast will include such Latino actors as Efren Ramirez and Nicolas Gonzalez.

This is a big deal. Think about when the last time you saw Latinos on a cartoon show. Besides Dora the Explorer the only one I can think of is Speedy Gonzalez and they never show those cartoons anymore. Plus this show will deal with topics like racism, immigration, and cultural assimilation which have never been dealt with very well in a cartoon format on TV. I’m excited for this show and would like to let the creators know that if they are looking for writers or need a sassy Cuban character, I’m their man.

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