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Brazil Beats Chile In Penalty Shots!

What a great way to start the round of 16 with the battle of Latin America, Brazil vs Chile. Chile had only made it this far in the World Cup on three occasions and all three were loses to Brazil. As the host, Brazil had the advantage but this game turned out to be a battle to the very end. In this low scoring game both countries only managed to score 1 goal each. David Luiz scored a goal for Brazil at the 18th minute and Alexis Sanchez scored one for Chile at the 32nd minute of the game.

Chile had a golden opportunity at the end of the second extra time when Brazuca toca poste and Chile was inches away in eliminating Brazil. This exciting game had to be decided in the most dramatic way a soccer game can end, penalty shots. In the end David Luiz, Marcelo and Neymar all found the net for Brazil. Regardless of the outcome, Chile played their hearts out and should be proud! Que viva Brazil, Que viva Chile, Que viva Latino America!

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