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Brazil Lights Up Christ The Redeemer With World Cup Team Colors

Everyone in Brazil is getting in on the World Cup fever including Jesus himself. Well, not the actual Jesus of Nazareth, (JC is more of a baseball guy), but the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. The statue will light up with the different team colors to show that, I guess, Jesus takes no sides. Each of the 32 team’s colors will be projected on the statue for thirty seconds. The lighting ceremony was kicked off by a special blessing and mass at the top of Corcovado hill by the rector of the Christ the Redeemer sanctuary Father Omar Raposo. Some might say that using both a national symbol and a religious icon as advertising for a sporting event is tacky. Where I live in New York City they light up the Empire State Building in different colors for holidays and big sporting events. Then again, no one thinks that the Empire State Building is an incarnation of the living God. Maybe it is a little over-the-top and borderline sacrilegious but these games do bring the world together in relative peace for a few days and that is kind of a miracle. Lord knows that a lot of people are praying to Jesus for their team to win.

So, I guess it’s OK to light up Christ the Redeemer with team colors. I wonder what color he will be on the last day when they crown the victorious team?

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