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Brazil Suffers Worst Loss In History

Brazil’s dreams of making a return to a World Cup final were shattered by Germany in the most painful way a host country, it’s fans and a team can lose, by being humiliated.

Brazil did not lose they got their asses kicked in the worse defeat in the 84 year history of the World Cup. Tears flowed like water in the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte when less then half an hour into the game, Brazil was down by 5. Did Brazil not show up, did the injury to Neymar affect Brazil so much that they were paralyzed to do anything, or was Germany that good? Either way Germany advanced to the World Cup Finals with an overwhelming 7-1 victory sending Brazil home with their worst-ever defeat since the 6-0 lose to Uruguay back in 1920 before the World Cup had even begun. The all-time World Cup scoring record now belongs to Miroslav Klose. We are now down to the last Latin America team, Argentina. If our prediction of a Latin American team winning the World Cup is going to come true then Argentina must beat the Netherlands and Germany.

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