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Fidel Is Pissed That Activision Wants Him Dead

The Cuban government is pissed off at Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops. Why? Is it because it is just a weak sequel as we’ve previously discussed? No, it’s because in the game you get to try and kill Fidel Castro.

That’s right, you get to fulfill the fantasy of every viejo sitting in the park in Miami playing dominoes. It has the game’s protagonist shooting his way through a Cold War Era Havana only to meet up with El Comandante himself.

The Cuban government has denounced the game as selling assassination as fun and entertaining. From CubaDebate, a government-run site:

“The logic of this video game is doubly perverse: on one hand, it glorifies the attempts that the United States illegally planned against the Cuban leader– Fidel has survived more than 600– and on the other, it stimulates the sociopathic attitudes of North American children and teenagers, principal consumers of these virtual games.”

Chillax, Cuba. It’s just a game, and a fun and entertaining at that given how many times our CIA has tried to kill Fidel. Let’s hope you suck less at the video game than they did in real life.

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