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The Cast Of “Hamilton” To Perform At The White House

The cast of the wildly popular musical Hamilton will perform a special concert at The White House for president Obama and his family. Writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda will lead the cast in the performance. In case you don’t know, Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton the first secretary of the treasury of the United States. The twist is that it is told through rap songs with a cast that is mostly Latino and African-American. When I was studying theater in college ten years ago, I had very few Latino role models in theater to look up to. At least from the playwriting side in the American medium. Lin-Manuel makes it seem like maybe Broadway isn’t as lily white as it used to be.

Not that I’ve seen Hamilton. I’ve listened to the soundtrack but getting tickets is impossible. The show is sold old until January 2017 and resale tickets start at $500. Soooo, that’s not happening. They have a lottery but some nights a thousand people show up for it. Chances are I won’t be able to see it for two years or so and by then it probably won’t be the original cast. It sucks to be poor. Obama is lucky he is getting to see it.

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