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Catalonian Socialist Voting Ad Has Girl Having Orgasm

And you thought our political ads were weird. La Juventud Socialista de Catalunya (The Young Catalonian Socialists) put together this tasty ad of a young woman  so excited to vote for the socialist party in the elections for the Catalonian parliament that she has an orgasm “O” face and all.

The ad has been controversial in Spain with Popular opposition party leaders, who’ve called it an “attack on the dignity of women”. Even fellow members of the socialist party have said, “If it was true, electoral participation would go up greatly, but I think we are dealing with a misleading advert.”

Misleading indeed. We here at Tu Vez are totally pro-voting but have never felt happy in the pants while doing it. America has one of the lowest voter turn out rates in the world so maybe a sexy incentive is what’s called for? Maybe a ring girl in a bikini with early polling results?

You’d think if the Spanish can stimulate that kind of reaction by sticking an envelope in a fish tank that we could somehow rig our fancy electronic voting machines to give us a little bit of a “Democracy Thanks You!” after we vote for comptroller for district 18 or whatever.

via BBC News

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