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CDC Sends Out Zika Warning For Miami


In an unprecedented move, the Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning pertaining to the Zika virus in the Miami Wynwood neighborhood. Wynwood is a popular arts destination where a lot of people, especially Miami’s young hipsters, like to hang out. The CDC has urged pregnant women who have visited that neighborhood since mid June to get tested for Zika immediately because the cases in that area have risen to 14 . Zika is spread through mosquito mites or can be sexually transmitted, which means that both men and women have to be cautious around this part of town. It isn’t only pregnant women and their sexual partners but also anyone even thinking about getting pregnant that needs to worry.

Zika can cause extreme deformities and developmental problems such as microcephaly in developing babies. It has caused an epidemic in Latin America and created concerns around the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. Right now someone very close to me is pregnant in Miami and I am bugging out. So, please if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you and your partner need to get some Deep Woods Off and hose yourselves down.

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