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Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos With This Awesome Short

Dia De Los Muertos is almost upon us and it’s time to set up that altar and gnaw on some sugar skulls. This year more than ever I saw many a gringo dressed up like a Dia de Los Muertos skeleton. The holiday seems to have gone mainstream here in the U.S. if Americans are culturally appropriating it. But for us Latinos, it’s a day in which we remember our dearly departed. Americans like to deny death, sweep it under the rug. But not us Latinos. We may even be a little obsessed with death. After all, it is inevitable. We are all going to die, like it or not. Might as well face up to the facts and embrace it.

This short film called, appropriately, “Dia De Los Muertos” tells us the true meaning of the holiday through the experience of a little girl who gets sucked into the land of the dead when she goes to visit her mother’s grave on that date. It’s almost too cute for words.

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