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Celia Cruz To Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Grammy

It’s been 13 years since the great Celia Cruz passed away but that doesn’t mean that the awards have stopped rolling in. The Grammys have decided to give her a posthumous lifetime achievement award. Sure, these award shows usually don’t wait until the artist has been dead for over a decade to give it to them, but whatever. The award will be given in a special concert and ceremony later in the Spring. Celia Cruz was, of course, a legendary singer that came out of Cuba in the 1950’s and later went on to have great success in the United States as the so-called “Queen of Salsa”. She got a Grammy in 2002 for her collaboration with several young reggaeton artists. She was an innovator until the end.

I had the honor of meeting her when I was a little kid and I can tell you that in my life meeting a celebrity never impacted me the way that meeting her did. She was quite simply the best there ever was or probably ever will be. It’s long overdue but better late than never.

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