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Chabelo Says Goodbye: The End of an Era

Xavier Lopez better known as the iconic TV personality Chabelo has entertained generations of kids for nearly 50 years. He has been in more then thirty motion pictures including El Extra with Cantinflas, recorded more then thirty musical albums and has produced many shows. But what Chabelo is best known for is his famous TV show En Familia con Chabelo which is broadcast every Sunday morning on Televisa’s Canal de las Estrellas.

Before becoming Chabelo, Xavier Lopez began his career when he met the famous actors of Panseco y Gamboa. This pair of actors taught Chabelo the basics of the TV business. Lopez would then be hired as the spokesman of Pepsi Cola to play the roll of Chabelo, for which he would travel all over North and South American. Eventually he would find himself on TV with a half hour daily show which would lead to long running TV show En Familia con Chabelo in 1968. The character Chabelo is well known loved in Latin America and is a icon for many kids.

The show has a Guinness Record for its 44 years of uninterrupted broadcast and Xavier Lopez was awarded a Guinness Record for portraying the Chabelo character for over 57 years. Desafortunadamente on November 27th, 2015 Chabelo announced the TV show that made him famous se terminará el 20 de Diciembre, 2015. Te extrañaremos Chabelo y gracias por tantas memorias!!

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