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Chicharito Now Bigger Than The Beatles

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez: Manchester United gem, wunkerkind, the future of Mexican soccer, and now, subject of yet another tribute song. First there was “Chico is the Man,”  the very professionally made song composed by The World Red Army and Choco Orta. Now, it’s Manchester United super fan Brittany Young. Who’s that, you say? We’ll let Brittany tell you herself:

You see, fellas, Brittany loves the Red Devils. As a result, she– like all Man U fans– has become enamored with Chicharito, aka “Little Pea.” From this adoration, the following video spawned, which is the reason she’s famous in Mexico:

The song is still a work in progress and is not complete yet. Our friend Brittany has asked her followers to help her complete the song. Once it’s finished, she’ll share it with the rest of the world. If what we heard above is any indication, we’re willing to bet that it’ll the musical equivalent of Chicharito’s on-the-pitch play: genius.

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