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Chicharito Puts Real Madrid In The Semi Finals

With so much frustration with very few chances to play and show off his talent, Javier Chicharito Hernández got the opportunity he wanted and with the world watching volvió a responder. Chicharito finally got a chance to start the game versus Atlético de Madrid and what seemed like the game would go into extra times, lighting finally struck at the 88 minute when Christiano Ronaldo drives inside the box and delivers a perfect pass to Chicharito to score the game winning goal. After the goal, Chicharito looked to the skies and kneeled down as his teammates came to celebrate with him. Atlético terminó el juego con diez hombres after Arda Turán was red carded at the 76 minute. This is a great win for Real Madrid que pasa a las semifinales de la Liga de Campeones de Europa, but even sweeter for Chicharito who continues to show his talent.

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