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Chile Wins Copa América Centenario


La Copa América Centenario ha llegado a su fin as Chile beats Argentina 4-2 on penalties.

What seemed like any easy win for Argentina, after Chile received a red card early in the first half and was left with one less player on the field, but Argentina just could not take advantage. A los 42 minutes Argentina received a red card of its own and would even up the match.


The first half era el show del árbitro brasileño Heber Lopes. Two very bad calls that would change the rest of the game. Argentina would dominate the first half of the game but the second half era de los chilenos. Y donde estaba Messi? Throughout the game Messi was constantly double and tripled teamed and could not do much to help Argentina win the game. Just like last year the game would be decided in penalty shots.


Finally Messi had a change to do something pero volvió a desaparecer en la final y lo peor, voló su disparo. Chile es el campeón, vino de menos a más y no dejó duda de quién es la mejor selección de América. Para cerar la Copa América Centenario con broche de oro, Pitbull and Becky G performed as Chile celebrated. All though it seemed it would have been better if they had performed at half time, pero bueno felicidades a Los Chilenos!

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