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Chipotle Launches “Chiptopia” Their New Loyalty Program


All things are not well at Chipotle after an E. coli outbreak. In the first three months of this year, Chipotle’s sales were down about 30 percent. They gave away millions of burritos to try to win back customers pero no funcionó. Now the fast food chain launches “Chiptopia” a loyalty program that will reward customers based on the number of times they visit each month.

The more you visit the more free entrees you received along with other benefits. Customers can earn a free entree after their fourth, eight and 11th visit within a month. Ironically not to long ago the company went against a loyalty program because it did not make financial sense y ahora están cambiando de opinion. The loyalty program starts in July through September. I don’t know about you but going to Chipotle once a week for a month to get a free burrito is asking a lot, but then again I am not a big fan of the fast food chain. For those that love Chipotle, its time to go out and get some free food.


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