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Chipotle Tests Drone Deliveries


Could we soon see flying burritos in the future? Well that will be a reality over Virgina Tech. Chipotle’s newest idea is to test burrito delivery by drone. ¿Que? That’s right order a Chipotle burrito and your order will be put together at a food truck and then loaded on a drone for delivery. Y como puedo ordenar uno? desafortunadamente only a select group of people from Virgina Tech will be able to make orders. So whats to prevent students from trying to shoot down a flying burrito and get a free meal? Apparently the delivery flights will take place at an undisclosed site on Virginia Tech Property.


So if this works will we see more drone delivery? Looks like there is no plan to make this delivery service go main stream. Will this be another gimmick to try to increase sales just like Amazon with its drone delivery, ya veremos si drone deliver becomes a reality.

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