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Colombia Moves On And Will Face Brazil

Colombia reaches quarterfinals for the first time ever thanks to its young star, James Rodriguez. Because of Suarez suspension, Uruguay had only one way to play, dig deep and wait for an error. Colombia took advantage of the suspension and showed why they are one of the top Latin American teams.

At the 28th minute mark, James Rodriguez made possibly the best goal of the World Cup when he turned and hit the ball in the air and volleyed it in off the crossbar. At the 50 minute mark, James Rodriguez struck again and gave Colombia the 2 – 0 lead. That is all Colombia needed to win the game. Uruguay had several chances but just did not have the fire power that Suarez usually provides. Uruguay now is on their way home to join their controversial cannibal star. Colombia vs Brazil looks to be an eagerly anticipated match between Rodriguez and Neymar.

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