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Congrats To Victor Cruz And The NY Giants

Congratulations are in order to our boy Victor Cruz and the Giants for their spectacular win at last night’s Super Bowl, (sorry, Pats fans). Even the people who were only at the Super Bowl party for the wings and beer were on the edge of their seats during the last quarter. Victor, who blew up this year setting franchise records with 82 receptions and 1536 yards, was expected to play a big part in the game. He scored the first Giant’s touchdown from a four yard throw from Manning. Then, in front of millions of fans, Victor did his famous salsa end zone dance. Hell, he danced better than Madonna.

Last night, as I was walking home among the throngs of screaming gleeful Giants fans in New York City, I couldn’t help but think of the American Dream. Victor is from Paterson, NJ, the son of an African-American dad and Puerto Rican mom. If you’ve never been to Paterson, let me try and paint you a picture: Imagine a black hole where hopes, joy, and dreams go to die and then build some ugly crappy row houses on it. Just driving through Paterson makes you want to give up on life. That a kid from that environment reached the pinnacle of sports success is incredible. The guy has talent, no doubt about that. But it takes more than talent to make it, it takes a certain drive and spirit that’s hard to define. Victor seems to have whatever those qualities are. He is the archetypal Horatio Alger story with a side of arroz con gandules. His family come to the U.S. and through hard work and determination becomes successful in the land of opportunity. It does go to show you that, though it may be in life support, the American Dream isn’t dead for us Latinos.

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